Woodbridge Apartments

Strategic Turnaround

Birge & Held invested in Woodbridge Apartments, a 450-unit property. Our approach considers properties in stable markets as untapped sources of revenue. By using our internal construction division’s rapid renovation plans, we rehabilitate properties with tenants in place. And our property management division trains staff specifically for tenant retention, which ensures higher rates of return throughout the process. In less than one year, we renovated Woodbridge Apartments at two different finish levels while maintaining 96% occupancy and delivering on 13.8% annualized cash on cash return — which was 300 basis return points higher than our initial underwriting.

450 units

Interior and exterior renovation

96% occupancy

Two finish levels

Strategic Capitalization

Our strategic use of capitalization, through vehicles such as lender-controlled funds and government securities, allows us to generate additional income while protecting investor cash flow during the renovation process.

Mitigated Risk

Birge & Held sources projects in secure markets, seeking out opportunities to maximize profitability while minimizing or absorbing risk. Because of our integrated supply chain and investment capacity, we bring projects to full profitability faster — delivering outsized returns to our investors.

Integrated Supply Chain

At Birge & Held, one core culture unites our investment, construction, and management divisions. Working together to achieve the highest possible retention rates, complete high-quality renovations with tenants in place, and beat projected results, our properties generate faster, more reliable returns.

One Company. One Brand.

Birge & Held comprises three divisions united under one culture and with common values. When we acquire a property, our management staff immediately begins training and implementing our high standards for service and tenant retention, ensuring high rates of occupancy throughout a renovation and repositioning plan. Our investor services team works with our construction division to create aggressive business plans that maximize returns on investment. Integrating these three critical aspects delivers significant efficiencies to every project — enabling us to consistently deliver better than projected returns to our investors.

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