Founded in 2008 to provide a more agile response to strategic real estate acquisition opportunities, Birge & Held quickly built a dynamic, multi-faceted organization. With more than 25,000+ units managed and $4 billion in assets under management, we’ve grown into a national company respected as financial, development, and management leaders.

Who We Are

Birge & Held employees are experts in finance, real estate, strategy, management, and construction. Our culture prioritizes innovation—in our progressive, integrated approach, aggressive growth, and determination to achieve outstanding results for our investors as well as the communities we serve.

Who We Serve

Birge & Held provides real estate investment, property management, and construction services to a wide range of clients, including institutional investors, private equity funds, banks, private wealth offices, and individual large-scale real estate investors. As concerned investors and responsive property managers, we also serve the tenants and communities where our properties are located.

Who We Impact

As a company with nationwide reach, we impact communities around the United States by providing higher quality construction and property management, and repositioning properties for a higher standard of living without sacrificing returns for our investors.

specializing in multifamily commercial real estate since 2008

more than $4 billion in assets currently under management

servicing 125+ residential properties in 14 states nationwide

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