Birge & Held is committed to serving not only our investors but those who live in our communities and our employees who devote their professional talents to the team’s success. We create profitable partnerships, an enriched work environment for our employees and best in class properties.

J. Taggart Birge

Chief Executive Officer

With more than twenty years of experience in real estate development, financing, and Law; Tag currently leads Birge & Held’s development, underwriting, and investment business lines.

Tag co-founded Birge & Held in 2008.

Andrew Held

President and Chief Operating Officer

Active in real estate development and financing throughout his career, Andrew helped build Birge & Held into one of the most active private equity apartment acquisition companies in the Midwest. He now spearheads the company’s national expansion.

Andrew co-founded Birge & Held in 2008.


Clarke Arnold
Executive Vice President, Operations

Andrew Campbell
Executive Vice President, Financial Reporting and Analysis

Aaron Ross
Executive Vice President, Investments

Karen Schutte
Executive Vice President, Construction


Therese Cochran
Vice President Property Management, Client Assets

Julie Hutchison
Vice President, Asset Accounting

Sam Rogers
Vice President, Development, Affordable

Cory Stark
Vice President, Finance, Development

Daniel Tikijian
Vice President, Investments

Sarah Wood
Vice President, Property Management, Operations

Kyle Axner
Vice President, Asset Management

Scott Reed
Senior Vice President, Asset Accounting



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