Oaks at Eagle Creek

Structured Efficiencies for Faster Returns

Birge & Held purchased Oaks at Eagle Creek with an initial five-year plan to rehabilitate and reposition the project. The 632-unit property needed significant work, but thanks to our in-house construction and property management divisions, Birge & Held completed the first phase of the project ahead of schedule. We then leveraged institutional investment to release first round capital early, achieving our five-year pro forma 18 months early and delivering a 1.55x multiple on invested capital in 3.5 years.

632 units

88.9% occupancy

49.3% retention rate

1.55 multiple on invested capital

Expedited Returns

Thanks to internal efficiencies and our ability to leverage unique financing structures, initial investors received returns 18 months before the projected date — freeing up capital for additional investment.

Risk Absorption

Using a recapitalization, investors enjoyed a 1.55x multiple on returns on their initial investments, while maintaining the option to reinvest for even greater opportunities. The size of our portfolio and our internal diversification allows Birge & Held to absorb greater risk while passing along outsized returns to our investors.

Internal Efficiencies

Our rapid renovation process, perfected by our in-house construction division, allows Birge & Held to fully renovate units with tenants in place. Our highly trained management staff maintains occupancy during repositioning, allowing Birge & Held to complete projects faster and with greater than projected returns.

Integrated Supply Chain Delivers Stronger Returns — Faster

In addition to our investment business, Birge & Held maintains robust construction and property management divisions. This structure allows us to renovate and reposition properties faster, more efficiently, and at significant savings over traditional partnerships. Coupled with our greater capacity to absorb risk and attract institutional investment, Birge & Held consistently beats projections — returning higher profits in shorter timeframes, and helping our investors increase liquidity and agility in the real estate market.

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