Lakeshore Apartments

Large-Scale Project With Rapid Results

Using advanced construction management processes and maximizing efficiencies through Birge & Held’s integrated approach, our construction team managed the complete renovation of 740 units at Lakeshore Apartments in less than 12 months. In addition to the interior renovation — which was accomplished while the units were occupied — our team also oversaw significant capital improvements to reposition the apartment community within the market.

Upgraded luxury finishes

740 units

Interior and exterior renovation

Tenant-in-place renovation

“Best Renovation Project”

Midwest Multifamily Conference

Low Disruption

Not only did our team manage a total property transformation within a year, we also completed the renovation while tenants remained in place.

Large-Scale Strategy

With 740 units and significant structural and exterior work to accomplish, our construction team created a detailed strategy to keep the project on time and on budget.

Rapid Renovation

Even though most units were occupied at the time of renovation, our team managed the transformation with little upheaval—completing each apartment within one day.

One-Day Renovations with Tenants in Place

Because of our integrated approach and strategic efficiencies, Birge & Held plans and executes one-day renovations even in occupied apartments — without compromising quality or design. Our depth of experience and background in property management and market strategy ensures that our team approaches each project with a firm commitment to excellence, progressive problem solving, and meeting investors’ needs.

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