Cross Creek

Shortening Timelines with Creative Solutions

When we began construction at Cross Creek, investors asked for a two-year renovation timeline. After researching the site, our team switched from standard rehabs completed on turn to our one-day occupied residential renovation program: completely updating each unit while tenants remained in place. Executing this strategy reduced renovation time of a single unit from 3-5 days down to 1 day. By creating efficiencies and using our team’s extensive expertise to solve problems creatively, Birge & Held completed the project on budget—and in only four months.

Project complete in under four months

208 units

Beat timeline by 20 months

$2 million investment


Our team has the expertise and integration to manage complex construction projects, serving in an owner’s rep role along with complete construction and property management.


To accomplish renovations of occupied units, our team navigated complicated logistical challenges while balancing quality and speed.


After beginning the project on a two-year timeline, our team changed the plan to allow for one-day renovations with tenants in place—shortening the project to four months.

Limiting Disruption While Raising Value Faster

In project after project, we’ve found innovative ways to increase construction efficiencies—minimizing disruption to tenants, maximizing occupancy, and raising value faster for property owners and investors. At Birge & Held, we integrate construction with property management and investment teams to allow for more nuanced strategies and greater agility while encouraging a culture of innovation and problem solving. Our teams take their mission seriously: to deliver excellence in design and construction while maximizing returns and customer satisfaction.

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