Birge & Held’s uniquely progressive approach to multifamily real estate encompasses a complete range of services allied not only in name, but also in day-to-day collaboration. Our business culture facilitates open interaction. We don’t just refer clients between business lines, but work together every step of the way to ensure that your strategy includes input from experts in each aspect of real estate development.

Attention to Detail

From the careful analysis of our financial analysts and advanced tactics of our private equity experts, to the in-depth repositioning strategies of our property managers and value engineering of our construction division, each property receives a thorough analysis to ensure the best possible return on investment.

Value Creation

Birge & Held sources properties with maximum value potential, and then repositions and renovates the asset for higher returns. By keeping construction and management teams together with private equity and investment professionals, Birge & Held delivers unmatched efficiencies without sacrificing quality or service.

Open Collaboration

Our teams work together closely on a daily basis, informing analysis and strategies through rich interaction and sharing best practices across business areas. This interconnectivity benefits our clients in each area of the business, whether you work with Birge & Held to source your property or are looking for the nation’s leading property management and construction teams.

Express Renovation

Birge & Held offers a one-day residential renovation program, which allows us to renovate a multifamily property in record time while tenants stay in place. Reaching our high quality standards while leveraging operational efficiencies, our express renovation program adds significant value and improves profitability faster than ever before.  Click here to view a one-day renovation.


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